404 to 301 – Log Manager

    Error logs manager extension/add-on for 404 to 301 WordPress plugin.

    This add-on plugin will add a few outstanding features that help you to keep tracking all 404 errors on your website.

    Instead of sending email alerts for each and every 404 errors, you can set to receive email alerts like hourly once, every day, twice a day, every week or even twice a week! Or forget about these periods. You can even receive email alerts based on the number of error logs. Really an energy saving feature!

    Features of Log Manager

    • Limit the amount of emails sent out in a given time frame (hourly, twice daily, daily, twice weekly, weekly).
    • Limit the amount of emails sent out based on error logs count.
    • PDF file attachment of error logs will be delivered through the email.
    • Automatically clear old error logs based on time period.
    • Get email alerts to multiple email recipients.

    And as always, support will be provided with all valid purchases 🙂 More features are expected to come (suggestions are always appreciated).


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    Updates & Support for Unlimited Sites


    This plugin is an add-on for 404 to 301. So 404 to 301 should be active on your site.