isExchange – Currency Exchanger API

    isExchnage is a completely free JSON API to get latest foreign exchange currency rates. This API utilizes the Yahoo currency converter service in order t calculate the rates.

    The rates are updated in each API requests/calls.

    API Usage

    This API accepts only GET requests.

    To get the latest exchange rates between two currencies.


    Here, from will be the currency that you want to convert and to will be the currency to which you want to convert/exchange.

    The response will be in JSON format. For the example given above, the success response will be


    To know more about the items in response please check the documentation.

    If the given currency code is wrong the sample error will be

    {"success":false,"messages":{"from":"Invalid currency code","to":"Invalid currency code"}}

    Validate the response based on ‘success’ value in response.

    To get the complete list of accepted currencies, please click here.

    To know more details of this free API, please see the docs

    We DO NOT guarantee the uptime of the API since we are using a third party (Yahoo Finance) to get the rates. Our API is hosted on one of the best free hosting provider as we are not getting paid for this service. So we request your kind understanding regarding the uptime.