Help other developers

As a developer, I understand that you need a good platform for selling your products, or hosting free products. Hence, I decided to create one and allow you to host your products here, without taking a major share of your profit.

The Foxe is hosted on powerful cloud technology, is reliable, and we guarantee 99.9% up-time. You do not have to worry about maintenance of the website.

You can host anything here, be it your WordPress plugins, themes, or any other digital content related to web development which is safe to use on the internet.

Advantages Adding Your Product to The Foxe

Take 95% of the sale

For every product sold, I only take 5% (yes, you read it right) commission (to manage hosting fee and other fees). Most market place platforms charge a lot more than that, especially for themes, but I won’t.

No Charges for Free Products – I Support Open Source

If your products are free, I am more than happy to help you contribute to the web. You can host them for free here, and I won’t charge you a single penny.

Easier Access

You will get a direct link to your product, and you easily direct visitors here. That makes selling a whole lot easier for you.

Special Support for WordPress Developers

If you are selling a WordPress plugin, we can integrate automatic updates and licensing system too.

What are you waiting for?

Enter your details below and make your product visible to billions of people!

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